I am dedicated to training and teaching under the principles of classical dressage that have been handed down to me by my great teachers. I feel responsible to keep the art of classical equitation alive in today’s expanding culture. As I compete successfully, I continue to demonstrate how these principles benefit both horse and rider. I strive every day to be better than the day before, not only as a rider but as a person, continually learning and always striving to be my absolute best.

I believe in lightness and harmony. I believe in using true horsemanship to teach a horse to perform because he wants to, not because we make him. I believe in the horse’s spirit and in my life I aim to emulate that quality. In my training, I do my best to never dampen their incredible spirit, but to nurture it. I believe in gymnastically strengthening the horse into becoming greater than what nature intended. I love horses and will always serve this amazing animal by being a custodian of their well being through using the highest level of horsemanship methods and by promoting classical dressage as I teach and train them.


  • To ethically stand behind the timeless principles of classical dressage and to introduce the beauty and grace to everyone.
  • Through these principles, train horses to become the best athletes possible by being fair, empathetic and respectful.
  • To embark on a continuous journey to gain more knowledge and self-awareness, to manifest my potential and to fulfill my dreams.
  • To stay open to life lessons presented through horses, for horses are the key to ones character.
  • To remain dedicated, hardworking and determined to do the best for all horses by educating their riders.
  • To participate in the highest standards of this sport, to compete among the best and to ride at the Olympic Games.