Steffen and Scott lecture at FEI Trainer’s Conference

During the Mon eve of the Trainer’s Conference, Scott and Steffen, sat down and shared with us their thoughts about all kinds of things. Here are my notes from that!
– Always believe in your philosophy and stay true to what you believe. Don’t lose your ground. Don’t loose your way. There are many pressures out there, from owners, from trainers, from parents, from show results, wherever you get your pressure, always be able to look at yourself in the mirror at night, and know that you did the right thing that day. Stay true to your way of training. Never go above the limit, don’t change your training and agree to procedures you don’t agree with.
– As you become more successful, become more humble.
– Things that are important to you become your priority. This is where the discipline comes in to play. You must invest in yourself in order to achieve your goals.
– Along with this investing, always bring your best self forward. Now this is about self discipline. Learn to handle yourself in the most mature way.
– Ask yourself if you have the right to ask the horse for something.
– Frustration & fear leads to aggression.
– Major theme was that it is not strength that the horse needs, it is mental training. Actually teach them what you want them to do. Do not just practice it, thinking the horse will eventually get stronger and just do it.
– Sitting correctly has so much to so with good connection ( Hallelujah!)
– Show how you train and train how you show! ” Stick to your game. Play your game!” Do it the same every day so your horse can follow you and know what you want.
Why not just be excellent every day! 🙂 happy riding everyone!

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