Horse Gym

I am feeling so blessed with such wonderful people in my life! I am so excited about the Horse-Gym, and a special thanks to Elizabeth Guarisco-Wolf & Teresa & Willard Simmons, for making this a possibility! We are thrilled to be able to add this into our training program. And another huge thank you to my amazing team, Ashley Perkins, Rose Slick, Marina Lemay, Kaitlin Blythe, & Alejandro Camacho who help make my day terrific by caring so well for my horses! Dreams do come true one small step at a time!

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FEI Trainer’s Conference

I was given the wonderful opportunity to be a demo rider in this year’s USDF FEI Trainer’s Conference, Jan 2013. It was such a terrific event, well organized and well attended! Both of my coaches, Scott Hassler and Steffen Peters, were the presenters. They both got to know all of the horses privately on Sunday, and then the conference was held Monday and Tuesday. Steffen rode most of the horses at least one of the days, and then gave the riders a lesson and Scott would give the synopsis after they were finished. They were a perfect team! Steffen rode the horses with his microphone still on, so that he could explain everything he was feeling and doing. I think this was my 14 th conference, and I have to say I think it may have been one of the best!
I rode my own 6 year old Hanoverian mare, Summersby. She is one of the smartest horses I have ever trained, and she is very willing, but has struggled with finding her true connection on to the bit, and truly rounding her entire topline. At this stage of her life and training, the coiling of her loins is difficult and something brand new to her, so it was so fun to watch Steffen ride her and help her understand. Here are some of my notes that I took over the wknd. How you find some helpful tips in there!
– connection is all about consistency into the bridle, no matter what frame you want the horse in, stretching included, rider must look for consistent drawing on to the bit.
– no negotiations – 1) in front of leg 2) on the bit
– in the top sport, things must be super simple, don’t complicate things, don’t clog your mind. Keep It Simple
– Be clear in your training and goal/ objective of what you are seeking. Correct the horse, but never be impatient, simply just repeat and explain to horse
– don’t aid in anticipation of a mistake. Aid horse in the way you want him to respond to, don’t assume there will be a problem. Train the mistake if it comes, but be careful not to use too strong of aids to prevent the mistake. Keep horse honest
– if you have to kick as a correction, be careful that you must not make the horse dependent on that much aid, follow it up with the aid you wish the horse listens to. That’s how you make the horse sensitive.
– It’s not about being able to get a 9, it’s about always being able to get 9. To know inside yourself that it is not up to luck, it truly is your skill and your perfect practice that makes you trust you can do it.
– 3 components to a movement : 1) beginning 2) actual movement 3) finish
– whip is not for forward, it is for getting horse more through
– your training should look understandable to anyone watching it, even a none horse person. If it looks hectic, mean, impatient, harsh – it is.
– steady hands, never stubborn
– Create the situation that the horse starts to offer the movements, because he is in such a great balance, the movements should come with ease.
– When the horse goes more forward, ease the leg off
– Ride the present moment, not the past mistake, and not the worry of the future, ride the NOW
– Stick with it – see it through. Finish your half halts, set things up for success, do your homework. So that you can trust things will work in the show ring.
– Cooperation not submission
I have many more notes but I will write them in the next blog! 🙂 I’m a total horse dork, so all I do is take notes, watch videos, and read books! Hope these help! Happy riding!

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